Work with Jacqueline


Do you struggle with any of the following between visits?

Low energy

Sleep disturbances

Lack of confidence

Unsure of what to eat for your body

Mood swings

Weight gain even when following a plan


If this is you, I want to help! I have noticed a need for nutrition in conjunction with my current therapeutic practice and have added a limited number of spaces to help you thrive instead of merely survive. This can be done with the RIGHT plan and ACCOUNTABILITY. It’s not as hard as it sounds and it isn’t scary. No food is off-limits!

Here are the details:

Currently I offer 2 options to work with me:

  • 1 on 1 individual coaching

    • We connect on video virtual platforms for the highest possible touch and connection as we work toward your goals

    • This is for the person who wants to dive deep into food, ingredients, how to read labels, understanding where your food comes from & how it affects your body

  • 1 on 1 Nutrition Coaching: Habits or Macronutrient breakdown

    • We have weekly check-ins over email

    • This is for the person who wants to understand the right balance of nutrients to meet their performance & aesthetic goals

Interested? Click on the Request Appointment Button & Submit a Nutrition Consult Request.

I am the type of person who needs things to be simple in order for them to stick. Jacqueline understood that, identified my capacity to implement her recommendations, and provided an incremental approach. She did not bombard me with more than I could handle but always gave me more than I thought I needed to set me up for success. I’m grateful for the invaluable role Jacqueline has played in helping me pursue a more healthy lifestyle.
— P.O.