Why Chiropractic


Is chiropractic right for you?

Our lives are a direct result of the decisions we make. Your health is your responsibility and your health decisions affect the quality of your life. Chiropractic can help you maximize your health & wellness goals all without drugs or surgery. Dr. Bouley serves a vast group of patients ranging in age and needs.  Her specialty is general wellness, but also has a passion for treating pregnant and postpartum women. Dr. Bouley only uses very gentle low-force techniques to adjust the spine...no cracking or popping. There should be no fear when getting adjusted!


You don't have to live with pain. Dr. Bouley has helped patients with a variety of complaints including the following: 

-chronic low back pain
-upper back pain
-neck pain
-posture-related issues
-disc herniations

Dr. Bouley is the only chiropractor I’ve ever visited. Not only is she still endlessly helpful, knowledgeable and professional, but also she is a lifesaver for anyone in pain or discomfort from injury or illness.
— L.F.