Pregnancy & Chiropractic

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Safe & gentle chiropractic care for you & your baby.


The body goes through so many changes during these 9 months. Gentle chiropractic care for you and your growing baby can help keep these symptoms away creating a comfortable pregnancy:

-low back pain
-hip pain
-breech presentation
-rib pain or difficulty breathing
-pubic bone pain
-reduce labor and delivery time
-reduce low back pain during labor

Dr. Bouley is also certified in the Webster Technique. This special certification allows Dr. Bouley to assess pregnant women and adjust them to help align the pelvis for an optimal labor and delivery. To learn more about the Webster technique click here.

With the growing weight of my belly I would count down the seconds to my regular check-ins with Dr Bouley. She worked wonders in my last pregnancy to ensure optimal fetal positioning by helping my body establish balance and symmetry, helping me achieve a very fast, easy and normal childbirth.
— N.C.